Guitar Lessons

My Methodology uses the best of traditional music education combine with a fun and more modern approach to guitar instruction.

Music notation is a essential in todays music education, the student can choose for traditional music notation (recommended) or guitar tablature accompanied with rhythm notation (eight note, sixteen note, rests, etc).Find the students goal is also very important, some just want to be able to strum chords in they favorite songs, others may want to be in a rock band or become a professional musician,they all require different approach in teaching and practicing. Also the style, I have been playing for more than 20 years and had perform in many different styles from rock, heavy metal to Jazz and folk music.I encourage all the students to play different styles and also to mix and mach.(How about playing a classical song in a rock vibe).

The student can also bring in songs that they want to learn, I've been playing in top 40 bands for 10 years and I am familiar with the new trends and old classics. The minimum age for lessons are 6 years old, I have great pleasure in teaching young minds, been a father myself, I see the formation of young music lovers with great respect.

My main goal is for the student to be able to perform any peace of music of any level in real time with a good intonation and sound. It could be from "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to "The Flight of the Bumble Bee" to a "Van Halen" solo. Playing music in time develops coordination, concentration,attention and many other benefits there are important in life (see music education facts). Also music is a way off self-expression I encourage students to "arrange" songs in a different way, to learn to improvise and compose at any level.

Some Lesson Topics.

* Repertoire: Achieving a base repertoire is essential for all aspiring to play an instrument.

* Rhythm Accuracy: Playing in real time, intonation, tone.

* Scales:Major/ Minor scales and Modes. Music is formed from scales, learning scales help your fingers to find patterns and notes in the freeboard (don't worry, I know how to make scales fun and in the end a little hard work do not kill anyone)

* Chords:Chord Formation, Open Strings Chords, Triads, Four Part Harmonies.

* Music Theory: Rhythm notation, ear training and Harmony. I go thru basic theory in private lessons ( don't worry I go very slow). Also I teach free Music Theory lessons in group to my students, Saturdays at my private studio.Learning harmony helps you understand how music is made and allow students to create they're own (self-expression).

*Guitar Duos:I like to play with my students, creating guitar duos is a great way to explore the guitar range, music interaction,and to understand the link between melody, harmony and rhythm. I use a vast material range from Rock, Pop, classical etc. The student will learn to play chords and melody or specific guitar parts from wide range of styles and also guitar solos from the masters.

 Lesson Pricing

Private Lesson at studio 30 mim- $26.00 
Private Lesson at studio 45 mim- $37.00 
Private Lesson at studio 1 hour  - $50.00

Private Lesson in your home- call for pricing and locations

BASS and DRUMS lessons

Same pricing as guitar lessons
Doug teaches beginning and intermediary Bass students, focusing in repertoire and technic using same approaches as in guitar lessons.

Advance Bass students and Drums lessons are booked in advance thru Doug Guitar Studio with one of many professional musicians we work with, we are working hard to have a stead  teaching staff so stay in tune for more information about your teachers.


  Bass and Drums Lessons same pricing as Guitar Lessons